Wednesday, April 1, 2009


44. Anthony’s
426A 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

I’ll admit it. I walked in here with my roommate and was incredibly skeptical. It didn’t have the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere you usually get when you have found a hidden gem, and wasn’t an upscale space where you know it is going to be good. Anthony’s felt like any random Southern Italian restaurant serving mediocre food and If it wasn’t on the TONY list, I would have walked right by it. However, after that first bite of the calzone, stuffed with fresh ricotta and anchovies, I was reminded why I had set out on the TONY quest in the first place, the search for amazing food at a great value. Anthony’s, I’m sorry I judged you so quickly.

The large calzone ($13) is definitely big enough to split and with additional ingredients priced at only $2, we opted for anchovies. What made the calzone really special was the crust, crispy with burn marks from the pizza oven, and firm enough to keep the overstuffed serving together, even after bludgeoning it with spoonfuls of tomato sauce. Creamy ricotta and an anchovy taste that permeated throughout make the calzone from Anthony’s a strong candidate for top 5 status as I near the half-century mark on the list. Worth the trip. Worth the money.

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