Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clover Club

48. Clover Club
210 Smith Street (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)

From the pictures on the website, I was somewhat concerned that a jeans and sneakers sporting group of six wasn’t going to be invited in. While our group sat around a leather couch, the room gave off an elegant library feel that made me want to talk in a British accent saying “Yes…indeed” as I held a cigar. Clover Club offers an extensive cocktail menu with plenty of seats at the bar, and though the atmosphere could be confused as being pretentious, the servers were welcoming. Yes, we went in the late afternoon, but that’s as good a time as any to sample the Harvest Punch, TONY item # 47 and grab some appetizers. Though we all knew that there was more food in store, the offerings sounded too good to pass up. Free-range chicken wings with Indian spices, mac & cheese with bacon, lamb burgers? Too tough to pass up.

Served in a large punch bowl with a block of ice in the center, the Harvest Punch bowl ($45) offered two ½ glasses per person. Made with apple cider, cognac, and rum, and topped with cinnamon and apple slices, the punch was sweet, with an apple cider finish that balanced the liquor perfectly. Like the hot buttered rum from Little Branch, I could be quite content to sit around for an afternoon with some friends and finish off a bowl… or two. The food which ranged in price from $9-13 was just as tasty. The wings were plump and flavorful though not spicy and served with a yogurt sauce. The mac & cheese was sharp, though not enough bacon, and the lamb burger was served with homemade potato chips fried in duck fat. Good food, good drinks, good atmosphere, good service, good company. Well worth trying out on a late weekend afternoon.

Harvest Punch Bowl:

Single Glass of Harvest Punch:

Indian Spiced Free-Range Chicken Wings:

Lamb Burger:

Mac & Cheese

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