Tuesday, March 31, 2009

B&H Dairy

B&H Dairy
127 2nd Avenue

Since first hearing about B&H during my freshman year at NYU I have come back time and time again to experience one of my favorite breakfasts in the city. A long counter, a handful of tables, and an open grill is you're looking at when you enter this dining institution that has been around for decades. Granted, I'm pretty skeptical about any place that is vegetarian, but it only took one visit to land B&H on my breakfast staples list.

The signature offering is their homemade challah, served with almost all of orders, though certainly worth the extra buck as a side. The bread is fluffy with a crusted exterior and it has just a hint of sweetness. It's from this humble beginning that the french toast is made. Dipped in an egg wash and thrown on the grill, it's quintessential comfort food and with three large pieces for $5.00, it's one of the cheapest breakfasts out there. Cheddar omelets for $5.00 and served with potatoes and, of course, challah, make it a perfect compliment for a dining partner ordering the french toast (split 'em both and you're in for a filling and incredibly inexpensive breakfast). Other offerings include a fresh juice bar, soups that are always very popular and borscht, which my girlfriend has stopped by for on more than one occasion.

French Toast, Cheddar Omelet, Potatoes:

French Toast & Cheddar Omelet:

Perhaps the best way to describe the true atmosphere at B&H is to mention that for lunch one day during college with a couple of my friends, a Tums commercial was being filmed at the restaurant. After singing "Tum tum tum tum. Tum tum tum tum tuuuuuuums" we returned to our three orders of french toast. Sure, it looks like a dive and there's usually one guy who's taking care of your table, your order and grilling your food, but if you go just once, you'll make it a point of going back again. Classic neighborhood joint with comforting, inexpensive food. A winner in my book.

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