Sunday, March 22, 2009


695 10th Ave between 47th and 48th

Tehuitzingo is a small Mexican grocery store with a microwave-sized window in the back that opens to a kitchen where authentic tacos and tortas are served up to hungry midtowners and local residents lucky enough to stumble through its doors.

After hearing about it on, my friends and I stopped by to grab a quick dinner. I ordered three tacos, beef tongue, goat meat and roast pork, which cost anywhere from $2.00-2.75 each. Adding some lime and hot sauce from the various condiment selections offered, my dining companions and I grabbed some stools and dug in. Served atop a double serving of corn tortillas, each taco offers plenty of food (two tacos would have been plenty but I wasn’t complaining). The goat meat was tender, the roast pork was fatty and slightly crispy and the tongue had a nice char on the outside. The one concern that we all had though, was that everything was a little dried out, though I didn’t think this was anything that couldn’t be fixed with a little hot sauce. While I thought that the tacos were the real winner, my dining companions were more partial to the order of chips and guacamole that we ordered as a last minute addition after hearing the people behind us talk about how good they are. Freshly made to order (both the chips and the guac), the guacamole was creamy and at only $3.00 was a steal.

While I’m still convinced that Tacqueria y la Fonda offers the better taco, and the selections required some added hot sauce, Tehuitzingo offers some of the best Mexican that midtown has to offer and is definitely worth the walk.

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