Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sant Ambroues

54. Sant Ambroues
259 W 4th Street

Unfortunately I don't have a lot to say about Sant Ambroues the restaurant (atmosphere, service, etc...) since the TONY item is just a scoop of gelato which I picked up after my dinner Socaratt. After getting the rundown of flavors which included chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange and passion fruit (originally identified as mango), we opted for a scoop of passion fruit and chocolate.

Well, our server should have gone with his gut feeling on the mango call since we wound up with mango (which I would have preferred anyway). It's decent gelato. Nothing crazy or worth getting again at the $3.25 price level. If it was $1 per scoop I'd sure go back. But with so many other choices at the $3+ dessert threshold (magnolia and sweet revenge are both around the corner), I don't think I'll make it back to try any of their other flavors.

Mango (aka Passion Fruit)


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