Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazarra's Pizza

Lazarra's Pizza
221 West 38th Street between 7th and 8th

My second foray into's sandwich challenge brought me to Lazarra's, a small Italian restaurant famous for their thin-crust pizza topped with prosciutto. After climbing up a flight of stairs to get to the entrance, and sneaking our way past the line for a table, we made our way to the take-out area in the back and ordered the Midtownlunch special, a calamari hero ($10) which tops fried calamari with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.

I could eat a lot of fried calamari, and have taken down a full plate from Carmine's in one sitting, so you can imagine my excitement as I brought the sandwich back to my office cube. Though disappointed that the calamari wasn't crispy, and the fried breading had become soggy from the tomato sauce, Lazarra's did not skimp at all on the amount of squid, whose full flavor combined with a garlicky tomato sauce and strings of fresh mozzarella to make this hero worth the $10 price tag. The bread itself was lightly toasted and the sesame seeds were a welcome addition. I split it with a coworker in consideration of the caloric intake and was definitely full after my half. If you're looking to sit, be prepared to wait or come early, and if you're planning on getting the sandwich to go, the faster you can get it to your desk, the better. Make sure to check it out before the Midtownlunch challenge ends.

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