Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FreeFoods NYC

FreeFoods NYC
18 W 45th Street (multiple locations)

Having access to comp’d dinners on Seamlessweb allows me the freedom to try new places without any financial repercussions. FreeFoods NYC isn’t a place I would typically go to for lunch, as their free-range gourmet sandwiches are $10+, and for dinner I usually want something more than a sandwich, but after MidtownLunch.com challenged restaurants to come up with a unique sandwich that was less than $10.00, FreeFoods obliged with a free-range duck reuben. After adding the usual premium to Seamlessweb orders, the sandwich wound up being $13, but with $25 to spend on dinner, I added a side of marinated beets.

The duck reuben used an entire duck breast, stuffed between grilled rye and topped with melted swiss cheese. I was pretty surprised at how much duck was on the sandwich; plenty of meat in each bite. There was an insignificant amount of an aoli-type dressing on the bread which is unfortunate that more wasn’t used as it could have masked the over-peppered flavor of the duck. It’s worth a Seamless order, but I don’t think I could rightfully spend $10 on it for lunch. The marinated beets weren’t anything special, tossed with goat cheese and walnuts for $7.50 for ¼ pound. If you need to eat free-range meat, it’s a fairly affordable way to do it. If you’re looking for a sandwich, there are better places to go.

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  1. This picture reminded me of the reuben at Katz Deli (never been there but I saw it on the Travel Channel).