Thursday, June 11, 2009

Evan's Creamery

57. Evan's Creamery Yogurt
Purchased at Marlow & Sons 81 Broadway, Brooklyn

I was already knee deep into Williamsburg when I got to Marlow & Sons, a fairly healthy walk from the nearest L train stop, and the opposite direction from my ultimate destination, so I was quite disappointed when I arrived at Marlow & Sons, only to find out that the lemon yogurt from the TONY list was sold out. Not ready to admit total defeat, I substituted the only available flavor, maple delight, and I was quite glad that I did. Disguised as any other cup of yogurt, Evan's Creamery offers a product that tastes like it came fresh, straight from the farm, and into a cup. Slightly lumpy, tart, sweet, and refreshing, its $2 price tag is certainly justified, especially when compared to greek style yogurts and come in at over $3. If I even find the lemon flavor, I'm definitely up for some Evan's Creamery yogurt.

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